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Entrance / Exit Counseling


Federal loan entrance counseling provides basic information to new student borrowers about the terms and conditions of the loans they have been awarded, as well as the rights and responsibilities of a student loan borrower.

Every student who has been awarded and accepted a Federal Direct Stafford Loan, Grad PLUS, or a Federal Perkins Loan has a responsibility to complete entrance counseling the first time they are awarded a federal student loan at SIU School of Medicine. Federal loans will not be processed until we have been notified by the Department of Education that the entrance counseling requirement has been completed.

Online Stafford and Grad PLUS Entrance Counseling are available at any time on the federal loan web site in addition to the Perkins loan.



Exit counseling is a federal requirement that provides basic information to help student borrowers better understand their rights and responsibilities during repayment of their student loans. Before graduation or when beginning a leave of absence, student borrowers who have received loans at any time during their educational experience are required to attend an exit counseling appointment.