The Department of Surgery's core mission to improve the quality of surgical health care through clinical practice research and education to our service area population. As clinicians, educators and researchers - we strive to foster a rich environment for our patients, students and staff.
We are an emerging program, with roots and steep lineage in innovation and quality. 

There are eight divisions within the department of surgery.
Our SIU general surgeons have advanced the care of patients through minimally invasive endoscopic surgery, with emerging programs in bariatrics
The SIU orthopaedics program has led the nation in outcome studies and quality measures for orthopedic related surgeries including major joint replacement and sports medicine.
Our SIU otolaryngology faculty are national leaders in tinnitus and voice related surgeries. Our neurosurgeons are world experts in brain tumors and deep brain stimulation.
The SIU Cardiothoracic program is known internationally for its volume reduction surgery expertise.
Our SIU Vascular surgeons are broadly recognized as the leaders in endovascular for the last decade.
The Emergency medicine program are leaders in clinical simulation, and our Institute for Plastic Surgery is internationally recognized as one of the premiere hand and microvascular surgery programs.