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Resident Research

Research experience with dedicated time in the lab is an integral part of our training program. There are
multiple on-going projects that residents can get involved with, from basic science projects to clinical
trials to retrospective reviews. Residents also have the opportunity to design and complete new projects if
they wish.

During the PGY-2 year, residents spend one month on research, gathering information for potential projects
and applying for a Department of Surgery research grant. During the PGY-3 year, residents have two
continuous months to complete their project. Presentation of their research is done at local, regional, or
national meetings.

Presentation at a regional or national meeting and publication in a peer-reviewed journal or textbook is a
requirement for graduation from the training program.

Research Personnel

  • Michael W. Neumeister, MD – Vice Chair of Research – Department of Surgery
  • Carrie Harrison – Researcher III
  • Lauren Hughes -- Researcher
  • Lisa Cox -- Animal Handling and Researcher

Active Projects

  • A Bioengineered Graft to Heal Full Thickness Wounds Utilizing Electrospun Polymer Scaffolds and LGR+ Stem Cells
  • LGR+ Stem Cells in Healing Hand Fractures
  • Use of Smart Phone Application in Surgical Education
  • The Role of Fat Grafting in the Treatment of Sclerodactyly and Scleroderma
  • Outcomes in Breast Reduction Patterns for Breast Shape
  • Fate of ADSCs in Radiation-induced Skin Damage
  • TRAIL VECTOR Application in Treating Breast Cancer