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Administration and Staff

The Office of the Associate Dean for Research is located on SIU School of Medicine's Springfield Campus. ADR offices are located 801 N. Rutledge Street. Mailing Address: 801 N. Rutledge Street, PO Box 19616, Springfield, IL 62794-9616 Phone: 217-545-7936. Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8:00AM-4:30PM.

Office of the Associate Dean for Research


Donald S. Torry, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Research
(217) 545-7936
Kristi Katcher
ADR Staff and LACUC Administrator
(217) 545-7936
Todd Hammond
Fiscal Officer, ADR
(217) 545-5644
Gabriella Broccardo
Clinical Trials Contract Associate
(217) 545-8034

Department of Laboratory Animal Medicine


Helen Valentine, DVM, MS, DACLAM
Director, Division of Laboratory Animal Medicine
Daylene Craig
Administrative Aide, Research Cores
(217) 545-3053
Shirley Frost
LAM Coordinator
(217) 545-0097
Cassie Vorachek
Veterinary Technician
(217) 545-8599

Grants and Contracts


Pam Burk
Grants & Contracts Associate
(217) 545-8174
Gabriella Broccardo
Clinical Trials Contract Associate
(217) 545-8034
Erin Campbell
Clinical Trials Contracts Coordinator
(217) 545-8774
Gary Fifer
Information Technology Technical Associate
(217) 545-7823

Center for Clinical Research


Joseph Milbrandt, PhD
Associate Professor, Director
(217) 545-7811
Amber Fifer, PharmD, ACRP-CP
Research Assistant Professor, Associate Director
(217) 545-4541

Research Core Laboratory


Melissa Roberts
Assistant Director, Research Core Laboratory
(217) 545-7186
Wei Du
(217) 545-7604

Office of Technology Transfer


Robert Patino, JD
Director, Office of Technology Transfer
(217) 545-8168
Kristy Owen
Assistant Director
(217) 545-6397
Angelique Snowden
Administrative Aide