Grant Submission Process & Forms

Submission Policy Page

All applications for external funding, letters of intent including budget information, and subcontracts/consortiums submitted from SIU School of Medicine must be reviewed and approved before submission through the ADR Office. To allow sufficient time for application review and approval, the following due dates must be adhered:

Please send an initial notification of intent to apply for any mechanism and the funding agency guidelines as far in advance as possible, at the very least, 2 weeks prior to submission deadline.

Forms due to the Grants Office by 8:00AM 2 weeks prior to the submission deadline

  • Application Certification for External Funding
  • Excel Budget Template
  • Word Justification
  • If applicable, Waiver Request for Voluntary Cost Sharing
  • If applicable, Subrecipient Commitment Form


  • Application Submission Checklist
  • Conflict of Interest Attestation Update Instructions


Finalized and completed applications are due to the Grants Office by 8:00AM three business days prior to the submission deadline. Please take note of holidays or administrative closures. For example, applications due on Tuesday must be submitted to the Grants Office at on the preceding Thursday by 8:00AM.

For example:

Please note, these do not include office closures or holidays.

Submission Day Due to Grants Office
Monday Preceding Wednesday at 8:00AM
Tuesday Preceding Thursday at 8:00AM
Wednesday Preceding Friday at 8:00AM
Thursday Preceding Monday at 8:00AM
Friday Preceding Tuesday at 8:00AM