Osteopathic Education

SIU Center for Family Medicine - Quincy decided to expand residency education to include osteopathic training. An Osteopathic Internship was then started, in conjunction with the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine. In 2004, a full three year osteopathic family medicine residency was started, with Kirksville as our Osteopathic Postdoctoral Training Institute (OPTI).

SIU Center for Family Medicine - Quincy has actively recruited osteopathic faculty. Currently, Paula Mackrides, DO is our Director of Medical Education for the osteopathic curriculum and supervises a twice monthly osteopathic clinic, as well participates in the quarterly didactic sessions. Dr. Mackrides is actively involved in creating and maintaining the osteopathic curriculum, as well as teaching in the outpatient and inpatient settings. Tim Ott, DO has been our most recent addition and is our current Director Osteopathic Medical Student Education.

The osteopathic curriculum is hands on and longitudinal. Residents are encouraged to apply their osteopathic principals to all aspects of family medicine, and integrate their unique osteopathic manipulation skills in their continuity clinics, as well as with patients in the hospital.

Besides hands-on experiences, osteopathic seminars and teaching sessions are provided on a regular basis. For 6 months of the year a workshop on osteopathic techniques, with local demonstration by the osteopathic faculty is provided for the residents by Dr. Harry Lausen, a fellowship trained osteopathic physician from SIU in Springfield and assistance from Dr. Ott and Dr. Mackrides as table trainers. Starting this year, an afternoon will be dedicated to intensive osteopathic learning with seminars provided by the Kirksville College on Osteopathic Medicine.

Along with the above learning experiences, first, second, and third year residents participate in bi-monthly osteopathic clinics, overseen by Dr. Paula Mackrides and Dr. Tim Ott. Both inpatient and outpatient experiences are sought during these dedicated clinic times.

In the Summer of 2012, under the directorship of Dr. Tim Ott, we became a core clerkship site for Kirksville Osteopathic School of Medicine students which will further enhance and strengthen the osteopathic component of our residency.