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Plastic Surgery Residency

Plastic Surgery Residency

The mission of the SIU Plastic Surgery Residency Program is to provide the education and training for graduates to practice plastic surgery at the highest levels of quality and safety by allowing for the acquisition of knowledge, surgical skill, and research experience with appropriate mentorship and support from the faculty and the institution. The program works to promote a culture of excellence, respect, and compassion while serving the central and southern parts of the State of Illinois, including under-served rural populations.

SIU’s Institute for Plastic Surgery is an integrated plastic surgery training program that is designed to give residents a diverse experience in plastic surgery and its subspecialty areas. Two positions per year are filled in a 6-year integrated program approved by the ACGME which involves matching through the NRMP into a program during your senior year of medical school.


Coronavirus Changes and Updates
SIU School of Medicine will not be taking any visiting medical students this year due to the novel coronavirus.  We are constantly looking for new ways that we can get to know applicants and that the applicants can get to know us!
Currently, we have a Meet and Greet scheduled for July 13. 2020; you can register for this through the ACAPS website.


The residents have also been diligent about using their Instagram page (@SIUplasticsurgeryresidents) to show what life is like both inside and outside of work.  They create both informational and fun posts multiple times per week.


Social Media
Applicants should follow our program social media pages for information on daily occurrences here at SIU.

Instagram – SIUplasticsurgeryresidents | this is a resident-run page with the goal of showing prospective applicants what life is like as a resident.
Instagram – SIUPlasticSurgery
Facebook – SIU Plastic Surgery

Residency Program Contact Information

Residency Program

Naya Jackson, Residency Program Administrator, is on maternity leave until mid-August.
Until she returns, please contact Penny Praia for information, questions, or concerns.

Phone: 217-545-7031