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All graduates are members of the Alumni Society

The SIU School of Medicine Alumni Society was formed in 1978 for the purpose of creating an organization through which alumni and faculty, staff and students of the School of Medicine could develop and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship. All graduates of the School of Medicine are considered members of the Alumni Society. Governance is vested in a Board of Governors currently composed of 20 alumni members plus ex-officio members who represent key units of the School, including the Student Assembly.

We have 3,023 SIU School of Medicine Alumni; 2,242 graduates in practice; 922 (42%) in practice in 71 Illinois counties.

SIU School of Medicine also includes 2,939 resident and fellow alumni.

The mission of the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine Alumni Society is to act in support of the School of Medicine’s mission and to promote the success and stature of the School.

The purposes of the Alumni Society in support of this mission are to provide an official organization through which its members and the faculty, staff, students, and residents of the School of Medicine may:

  • maintain professional and personal relationships and promote fellowship to the mutual benefit of the members of the Alumni Society and to the School;
  • express to the School their special interests regarding the operation of the School of Medicine;
  • receive information of importance from the School for the professional well-being of the Alumni membership.

The Alumni Society was created to provide an official organization with which the School of Medicine may work to:

  • seek financial gift support from its Alumni by encouraging members to make and assist with seeking private and government gifts
  • support the public relations programs by acting as a voice for alumni and membership in the Alumni Society itself
  • encourage alumni of the SIU School of Medicine to work with the School in the planning and production of alumni reunion programs and other special social events; and
  • partner with the School of Medicine in promoting the welfare of the School on a state and national level through the legislative process. 

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