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Radiology Resident Research Requirement

Each resident is expected to complete at least one research project during the residency. Residents should identify a faculty preceptor and select a research topic during the first or second radiology year. The final project will be presented to the Department at the Annual Academic Radiology Symposium during February of the resident's third radiology year. This project should represent scholarly activity suitable for publication.

Each resident is additionally required to either present at national meeting or publish in peer reviewed journal one research paper. This may or may not represent the topic presented in the third year symposium.

SIU allows 7 calendar days per year for attendance at recognized educational meetings. In addition, the sponsoring Department of Radiology shall reimburse travel, lodging, and tuition expenses for those residents who present a paper or poster at a national or regional meeting. Expense reimbursement will be provided for one presentation of the same research project. Residents are encouraged to present multiple projects if they so desire.

Third-Year Radiology Resident Research Proposal

Each radiology resident will be required to present a research project to the faculty of SIU Diagnostic Radiology in the spring of the third year of radiology. Please submit the below information on your project to Stacie Skelton by October 1 of your third year.If an IRB application is required a preliminary (no signatures) application should be attached. Abstracts from a lit search of five pertinent papers are also required.

  1. Project Title:
  2. Resident Investigator:
  3. Faculty Collaborator:
  4. Purpose (100 words):
  5. Is additional imaging needed?       yes       no If yes, please describe:
  6. Is IRB approval needed?       yes       no
  7. Attach abstracts of literature search from at least five pertinent papers.