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The application for June 2017 entry will be available in July 2016.

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MEDPREP: Doors To Opportunity

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The Medical/Dental Education Preparatory Program (MEDPREP) was established in 1972 by the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, and has helped over 1000 students successfully matriculate into medical or dental school.

MEDPREP provides assistance to educationally and/or economically disadvantaged students, preparing them to achieve success in the health professions. The program operates on a year-round basis, beginning in June of each year. Students complete the program in five semesters (summer, fall and spring in their first year; fall and spring in their second year). MEDPREP is located on the campus of Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois.

Program Options

The MEDPREP program currently accepts up to 36 students per year for the two-year program. We provide an environment in which students can hone their test-taking skills and enhance their academic record. With the assistance of their academic advisor, students tailor their academic program to maximize their profile for the medical/dental school application process. Most students enroll in MCAT/DAT preparation courses during the first academic year and in upper-level science enrichment courses during the second academic year.

Three program options are available:

2016 Entry Application Deadlines

Cycle 1: September 21, 2015
Cycle 2: January 19, 2016

Apply to MEDPREP

Students may apply to MEDPREP in several admissions cycles throughout the year and are accepted in December or late spring. All accepted students begin the program in June. 

The MEDPREP mission is to increase the numbers of underrepresented minority and disadvantaged students from southern and central
Illinois who will enter and graduate from health professions schools and who will serve in U.S. health professions shortage areas.