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Traditional Pathway

The Traditional Pathway is a two-year, non-degree course of study designed to provide maximum focus on academic skill development and foundational knowledge in the sciences. This is our most popular program of study. Typically, about two-thirds of MEDPREP students in each class are in the traditional pathway. Advantages include:

  • The most focused curriculum for working on foundational knowledge and for improving academic skills.

  • The most focused curriculum for preparing for the MCAT or DAT exam.

  • The maximum number of credits in upper-division undergraduate coursework, compared to other MP tracks, for students desiring improved undergraduate GPA.

  • Pay tuition at the undergraduate student rate (SIU has one undergraduate tuition rate, for both in-state and out-of-state students).

  • All students accepted into MEDPREP are accepted into the traditional program; the graduate program tracks have additional fees and requirements.

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