MS Degree options

The MEDPREP program has several master's degree options available for students. The graduate program options available are:

Master of Biological Sciences (MBS): Students in the MBS option take MEDPREP professional school preparatory coursework, and also complete graduate courses in physiology, anatomy, biochemistry, and biology. This is an attractive option for students interested in taking a "deeper dive" into biology subject matter and earning a graduate degree while in MEDPREP. The MBS requires 30+ graduate credits in addition to MEDPREP pre-professional courses.

Students must have a 3.0 GPA and 3.0 science GPA from their undergraduate coursework to enter a master's degree option, must be recommended for admission by the MEDPREP Director of Graduate Studies, and must also gain admission to the graduate school via the master degree program.

Pros of the Master's Degree options:

  • Earn a graduate degree as part of the MEDPREP experience.
  • Gain deeper knowledge and experience in an area of interest.
  • Qualify to apply for TA/GA positions in your second year (positions are limited and not guaranteed).
  • Qualify to apply for tuition waivers through the graduate school (TW not guaranteed).
  • Graduate standing may make it easier to obtain loans to finance your education.
  • Opportunity to obtain laboratory or educational research experience.

Cons of the Master's Degree options:

  • Higher courseloads and intense graduate work may distract from primary goal of obtaining professional school admission.
  • Graduate degree does not necessarily increase chances of medical/dental/PA school admission - good grades and test scores are most important.
  • Higher graduate school tuition costs. Graduate students are not funded in their first year, and like all MEDPREP students, are strongly discouraged from any outside work; the program is challenging and it is generally not possible to be successful while also working. 


Some of our recent graduates discuss the MBS option:


What made you decide to take the MBS program?


I decided to enter this program because it allowed me to increase my research experience, as well as study the biological principles that I love. Of course, you want to take some classes that will aid in preparing you for the MCAT, but there is also some volition involved. Furthermore, a lot of the classes you take will either help you on the MCAT or the in medical school.


I was able to interact with faculty that I would not have met if I did take the MBS courses. In addition, we had a mini-cohort between the of MEDPREP MBS students in our campus class and I loved that we had that bond.

What unique experience have you had in this program?

Kia: I really wanted to improve my science GPA and have more challenging molecular biology courses.

Ihuoma: Most graduate courses are open to all the students in the program however, it is a lot easier to find research opportunities with an in-house professor or campus professors as an MBS student.