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Forward. For You.

SIU School of Medicine is recognized as one of the world leaders in medical curriculum innovation and excellence, with an educational model that has been adopted by the vast majority of U.S. medical schools. Through its clinical practice, the work of our graduates and community partnerships, the School of Medicine has transformed the health care of the region.

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Learning. Leading. Healing.

Training at SIU School of Medicine produces some of the most skilled and confident clinicians and medical specialists in the nation. World-class scientific research opportunities are also available for the next generation of problem-solvers. Professional teams have the opportunity to pursue life-long learning. Whether you are learning, leading, or healing, SIU School of Medicine has a place for you.

The learner of the future

The 50-year evolution of Southern Illinois University School of Medicine defies expectations. Almost from the beginning, we distinguished ourselves with an innovative curriculum and ability to set medical education trends rather than follow them. We are proud of the achievements that brought us here, but eager to push for progress that benefits the learner of the future.

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