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Founded in 1970, SIU School of Medicine has become renowned for faculty that think – and teach – outside the box. Academic medicine is our hallmark, bringing elements of research and education into clinical care.  



Careers at SIU School of Medicine

Employees of the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine share their reasons for choosing SIU for employment. They provide an inside view of the organization and the people who make up the SIU family. We invite you to watch and listen as they define the reasons they’re happy to call the SIU School of Medicine their work home. 

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Continually learning

With a focus on continual improvement, our doctors take the time to research, study and innovate to provide the latest treatments for our patients.

Patient-first experience

Our care ranges from primary care physicians to specialists and sub-specialists who have advanced training. We're here for you when you need us.

Breakthrough tech

Continually teaching the next generation of doctors, our physicians use the latest developments in procedures and technologies for our patients.