Bethany Spielman, JD, PhD, MHA

    About me

    Bethany Spielman, J.D. PhD.  M.H.A. is Professor of Medical Humanities in the School of Medicine and is cross-appointed in the School of Law. Her scholarly publications, which bridge bioethics and law, include two books and more than a hundred articles that have been cited by the New York Times, the Institute of Medicine, the Irish government and numerous scholars. She is editor in chief of the journal Medicolegal and Bioethics and a contributor to the Encyclopedia of Applied Ethics.  Her current research projects, in collaboration with Memorial Hospital’s Clinical Ethics Center, focus on racial bias in clinical ethics consultation and on repeat ethics consultations.  Dr. Spielman teaches the law and ethics of human subjects research; physicians and human rights; law, religion and health care; ethics in a short white coat, and the social responsibilities of scientists.  She enjoys spending time with her husband and two sons, painting; yoga; chi walking; swimming, and the trails and visual and performing arts of Door County ,WI. 

    Research Interests

    • Nonconsensual Global Clinical Trials 
    • Alien Tort Statute
    • Globalization of Health Law

    Curricular Topics

    • Bioethics law
    • Physician-Patient relationship
    • The physician in society 
    • Human Subjects Experimentation
    • Physicians and Human Rights
    • Researchers' Social Responsibilites 

    Degrees and Granting Institutions

    • J.D., University of Virginia
    • M.H.A., Duke University
    • Ph.D., University of Iowa



    Education & training

    Undergraduate Degree
    University of Virginia (JD)
    Duke University (MHA)
    University of Iowa (PhD)
    The Hastings Center
    Concordia College (BS)
    University of Virginia, Center for Biomedical Ethics
    McGuire Veterans Administration Hospital
    Fellowship for Bioethics Teachers, National Endowment for the Humanities