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Welcome to the Office of Community Care. Our team is led by experienced and compassionate community health workers, community health educators, nurses and licensed clinical social workers. We’re trained in evidence-based techniques like motivational interviewing and trauma-informed care to help us develop trusting relationships with our neighbors throughout central and southern Illinois. We offer a range of exclusive and research-informed programs designed to create community health workers of the future while also promoting better health for our patients in real time. We seek to engage patients and improve outcomes for people affected by complex medical, psychological and social needs.

Community Health Worker Knocking on Door
Better Days Ahead

Community health worker programs are improving lives in Illinois neighborhoods

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Accessible, quality care for the region

In recent weeks, questions related to access to health care in central Illinois have become loud and pronounced. News stories, legislative hearings, personal testimony and inaccurate information have all contributed to confusion and disagreement about the availability and quality of care in the region.

Student groups bond over adversities, diversity

In the days following the killings of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd and Breonna Taylor in spring 2020, protests erupted across the United States. Though a pandemic made gatherings more difficult
Julio and Walter at COVID test site

Learning the language of trust

Julio Barrenzuela is adept at overcoming cultural barriers. Now, in the midst of a pandemic, he holds hope that an SIU outreach program can improve the health of Springfield’s Latino and undocumented