Danuta Dynda, MD, MBA

Research Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery

    About me

    Dr. Danuta Dynda is a Research Assistant Professor in the Division of Urology and the Center for Clinical Research at SIU Medicine. In the Division of Urology, the other divisions of the Department of Surgery, and working in collaboration with the Center for Clinical Research, she is tasked with managing and facilitating projects at varying stages of progress, including, but not limited to, grant submissions, protocol development, specimen collection, regulatory work, manuscript preparation, database management, Resident support and medical student research education and involvement

    Dr. Dynda completed her medical degree at Poznan University of Medical Sciences in Poznan, Poland. In 2018, she earned her MBA from SIU- Carbondale, IL. Prior to joining SIU in 2013, she was a Clinical Instructor-Research in the Department of Surgery at the University of Illinois – College of Medicine in Peoria.

    Dr. Dynda has co-investigated, coordinated or collaborated on more than 100 research projects, and co-authored over 75 abstracts and posters. She has 34 publications spanning nearly 15 years of total research experience.

    Education & training

    Medical School
    Poznan University of Medical Sciences in Poznan, Poland
    Undergraduate Degree
    Bachelor of Arts: History, Loyola University, Chicago, Illinois


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