Join us for BRA Day, an annual event that raises awareness about breast reconstruction options among women with or who have survived breast cancer.

Free and open to the public

Documentary short debut

"Reconstruction to the Runway: Erica's Breast Cancer Journey"

Panel discussion

Moderated by:

Dr. Lauren Catterall - SIU Medicine Plastic Surgery second-year resident


Erica Austin - Breast Cancer Patient, New York Fashion Week Model and Deputy Director, SIU Medicine Office of External Relations & Behavioral Health Workforce Center
Dr. Wendi El-Amin - Associate Dean for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at SIU Medicine
Dr. Cynthia Thomas -  Associate Professor, Family and Community Medicine
Tanya Rolfe - Nurse Practitioner, Family and Community Medicine
Dr. Nicole Florence - Medical Director and Bariatrician, Memorial Wellness Center
Dr. Nicole Sommer - Director, SIU Medicine Cosmetic Clinic and Plastic Surgeon

Breast cancer does not discriminate based on race or age, and the pace of breast cancer surgery, treatment and breast reconstruction differs for each person. Join us for this informative and supportive evening to learn more about early detection, the inequities of breast cancer, how to help other women who have breast cancer, breast reconstruction and more. Our panel of experts will also be available for a question-&-answer session.