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SIU Medicine faculty named 'Best Doctors'

August 23, 2019
The latest edition of Best Doctors includes listings for 18 SIU physicians. Founded in 1989 by Harvard Medical School, Best Doctors are selected by impartial peer review in more than 450 medical specialty/subspecialty combinations, with review of their diagnosis and treatment plans. Congratulations to Dr. Buescher, Dr. Stone, and Dr. Flack!
  1. Lucinda Buescher, dermatology
  2. Stephen Stone, dermatology
  3. John Flack, internal medicine
  4. Jeffrey Cozzens, neuroscience
  5. Tom Ala, neuroscience
  6. Rodger Elble, neuroscience
  7. James Gilchrist, neuroscience
  8. Ricardo Loret de Mola, OB-GYN
  9. Casey Younkin, OB-GYN
  10. Ranjiv Mathews, pediatric urology
  11. Michael Neumeister, plastic surgery
  12. John Mellinger, general surgery
  13. John Sutyak, general surgery
  14. Jarrod Wall, general surgery
  15. Traves Crabtree, cardiothoracic surgery
  16. Stephen Hazelrigg, cardiothoracic surgery
  17. Brad Schwartz, urology
  18. Jan Rakinic, colorectal surgery