Master's Degree Biomedical Sciences


The BMS is a one-year, 30-credit coursework master’s degree for students pursuing health professions careers, to increase their competitiveness for professional school application through an earned graduate degree. The program is offered through the SIUC College of Agricultural, Life and Physical Sciences and the SIU School of Medicine. Students are encouraged to apply to professional schools at the conclusion of the degree.

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  • A curriculum in biomedical sciences, including courses in physiology, anatomy, molecular biology and biochemistry
  • Structured support to prepare for professional school entrance examinations (e.g. Medical School Admissions test (MCAT) or Dental Admissions Test (DAT) 
  • Individualized help with application preparation.
  • Personalized advising each semester
  • Downstate Illinois residents with a 498 MCAT minimum will be considered for SIU School of Medicine admission

  • The program consists of 21 credits of required coursework and 9 elective credits
  • BMS 500 A/B; Program Seminar [2 semesters, 2 credits total, (P/F grading)]
  • Application strategies and writing of the professional school application
  • BMS 501 A/B; Scientific Approach and Application [2 semesters, 4 credits total, (graded)]. MCAT/DAT preparation
  • BMS 551A; BMS 551B Molecular Biology and Biochemistry or higher-level equivalent. [2 semesters, 6 credits total]
  • 3 credits of Human or Mammalian Physiology
    • Recommended: Special Problems in Physiology (Human Physiology) PHSL 492 (G, 3 cr.) or Mammalian Physiology PHSL 511A (G, 4 cr.)
  • 3 credits of Human Anatomy
    • Recommended: Special Problems in Physiology (Human Anatomy) PHSL 492 (G, 3 cr.) Or Human Anatomy PHSL 401A (G, 4 Cr.)
    • Laboratory dissection of the human body with lectures as needed
  • 3 credits of Statistics
    • Recommended: QUAN 402 (G, 3 cr.)
  • Electives: Graded courses in the biological sciences (e.g. physiology, anatomy, molecular biology, biochemistry, or microbiology) to reach a minimum of 30 Graduate (“G”) credits, and a minimum of 15 credits at the 500-level

The BMS program welcomes applicants from Illinois and across the nation.

Application requirements are:

  • Have completed a bachelor’s degree at an accredited institution prior to program start.
  • Minimum undergraduate GPA of 2.7 (3.0 in graduate coursework).
  • Completed most professional school prerequisites: one year each with laboratory of biological sciences, general chemistry, organic chemistry or organic/biochemistry sequence, and physics.
  • Complete online SIUC graduate application and submit two letters of recommendation

Find out how to apply, how long the program will take and more here. You can also download our informational flyer here

More Information

Contact: Anneke M. Metz, Ph.D., Director, BMS, 618-453-1462

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