2020 Department of Surgery Teaching Awards Announced

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Congratulations, 2020 Department of Surgery Teaching Award Recipients!

Teaching awards are given every year and are granted based on a review of all evaluations of residents and faculty by medical students and of the faculty by their residents during the previous academic year.

Medical Student Teaching: Resident Awards

General Surgery - Cat Brandt, Sarah Fedeli, James Feimster, Megan Kauffman, Sam Knight, Sean O'Malley, Garrett Shackelton, Olivia White, Jordan Wood

Vascular Surgery - Ruhani Nanavati

Neurosurgery - Adam Lipson, Nathan Nordmann, Victoria Watson

Orthopedic Surgery - James Bailey, Austin Beason, Korty Blank, Brian Kurcz, Ryan O'Rourke

Plastic Surgery - Evyn Neumeister, Michael Romanelli, Jacob Thayer

Urology - Matt Davis, Kayle Hart, Adam Jenks, Daniel Lybbert, Piyush Pathak, Robert Petrossian

Colorectal - Gareth McGee

Resident Teacher of the Year: Medical Student Teaching

Austin Beason, MD, Orthopedic Surgery

Medical Student Teaching: SIU Faculty Awards

General Surgery - Marc Garfinkel, Prasad Poola, Adam Reid, Ben Rejowski, Jarrod Wall

Cardiothoracic Surgery - Travis Crabtree, Anthony Grascg, Stephen Hazelrigg

Orthopedic Surgery - Gordon Allan, Norman Otsuka

Plastic Surgery - Nada Berry, Brian Mailey, Michael Neumeister

Urology - Samuel Grampsas, Brad Schwartz, Nicholas Tadros

Neurosurgery - Jeff Cozzens, Jose Espinosa

Community Surgeons - Brad Paris, James Thiele

Medical Student Teaching: Faculty Teacher of the Year

Marc Garfinkel, MD, General Surgery

Resident Teaching: SIU Faculty

General Surgery - Melanie Barnard, Marc Garfinkel, John Mellinger, Prasad Poola, Jan Rakinic, Adam Reid, John Sutyak, Jarrod Wall, Brandt Whitehurst

Urology - Samuel Grampsas, Ramjiv Mathews, Brad Schwartz, Nicholas Tadros

Neurosurgery - Devin Amin, Jeff Cozzens, Jose Espinosa

Plastic Surgery - Nada Berry, Reuben Bueno, Brian Mailey, Michael Neumeister, Nicole Sommer

Vascular Surgery - Douglas Hood

Orthopedic Surgery - Gordon Allan

Community Surgeons - Leslie Acakpo-Satchivi, Lynne Barkmeier, Aaron Brewer, Christopher Graves, Pete Hoffman, Orlando Icaza, Andrew Lambert, Paul Pacheco, Brad Paris, Neil Patel, Stephen Ryan, William Severino, James Thielo

Resident Teaching: SIU Faculty Teacher of the Year

Jose Espinosa, MD, Neurosurgery

Outstanding Surgical Educator: Community Surgeons

Stephen M. Ryan, MD, Vascular Surgery - Springfield Clinic

Outstanding Surgical Educators: SIU Faculty

Nada Berry, MD, Plastic Surgery

Samuel Grampsas, MD, Urology

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