Take Me Out to the Ballgame by Morgan Suhre

SIU Medicine community displays artistic side

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SIU School of Medicine unveiled the 2023 edition of SCOPE, its student-produced literary arts magazine, at an awards reception April 19. The booklet contains short stories, poems and artworks from students, faculty, alumni, staff and family members of the school. First published in 1994, Scope showcases the artistic and creative energy of the SIU Medicine community. 

Prizes were awarded to the top three entries in the categories of poetry, prose and visual art.  The winners, selected by the editorial staff, received monetary awards. 

The first-place poetry winner was Emma Johns, a third-year medical student from Villa Grove, for “Dead Silent Streets.” Second-place winner was Kathryn Waldyke, MD, a Lincoln Scholars instructor, for “Empty.” Third prize went to first-year student Ireland Smith of East Alton, for “The Silence of After.”         

Dr. Waldyke also took first prize in the prose category for her short story “What the Dog Saw.” The second-place prose award went to Emma Johns, for “Perennials Must Die.” Medical Education Assistant Professor Sookyung Suh, PhD, was awarded third place for “What I Gained after Getting Rid of 1000 Items in 10 Months.”

The first-place visual art award was presented to third-year medical student Morgan Suhre, of Edwardsville, for her acrylic painting “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.” The image is featured in the centerfold of the magazine. Assistant Dean of Student Affairs Amanda Mulch, MD, submitted the second-place winner, a photograph of an eyelash viper, entitled “The Rod of Asclepius.” It appears on the cover. Third-place winner was former employee Mary Corrigan Stjern, for her pastel painting “Morning Together.” 

The Dean’s Choice Award went to EDI educator Kelly Hurst, for her painting “Wild Bouquet.” Thomas Hingle’s digital painting “Bruce” received the People’s Choice Award. Hingle is the son of a faculty member at SIU. 

Scope editions are posted online at siumed.edu/scope. Contact Kristie Parkins, Medical Humanities, 217-545-4261 weekdays for hard copies. Submissions for the 2024 edition will be accepted through January 10, 2024. 

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