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Medical Students Training with Local Physicians

November 5, 2020
Family physicians in several Illinois communities are hosting students from Southern Illinois University School of Medicine through November 20. The students are participating in the school’s Family Medicine Preceptorship Program.
The experience provides an opportunity for students to use their medical knowledge in a clinic setting under the supervision of an experienced physician. The students choose from more than 160 family practice physicians in Illinois for their preceptorship experience. They will graduate from medical school in May 2022, then pursue advanced training in a specific area of medicine before beginning practice. Since 1981, 2,729 students have participated in the program, which is offered by the school’s Department of Family and Community Medicine.
The mission of SIU School of Medicine is to optimize the health of the people of central and southern Illinois through education, patient care, research and service to the community. SIU Medicine, the health care practice of the school of medicine, includes clinics and offices with more than 300 providers caring for patients throughout the region. An international leader in medical education, the school is based in Carbondale and Springfield and is specifically oriented to educating new physicians prepared to practice in Illinois. Since 1975, 3,024 physicians have earned SIU medical degrees. For information, call SIU Medicine’s main number, 217-545-8000, or visit
Preceptor Students
  • Amanda Brown, daughter of Malcolm Brown of Springfield and Heidi Hoffee of Fairfield, is the guest of Christopher Ballard, MD, with Horizon Health Care in Fairfield.
  • Juanita Gyamera, daughter of Clifford Gyamera and Gladys Gyamera, both of the Bronx, New York, is the guest of Jennifer Schuermann, MD, in Springfield.
  • Jared Hendren, son of Rusty and Lynnette Hendren of LeRoy, is the guest of Justin Holschbach, MD, with OSF Medical Group Family Practice in Bloomington.
  • Alaa Mansour, spouse of Nasredin Ibrahim and daughter of Eltigani Mansour and Hawa Ahmed of Danville, is the guest of Larry Sapetti, MD, with Springfield Clinic Wabash.
  • Stephanie Menezes, daughter of Brad and Jill Menezes of Rochester, is the guest of SIU Center for Family Medicine in Decatur.
  • Aaron Peach, son of Terry and Diane Peach of Granite City, is the guest of Michael Mulligan, MD, with Anderson Medical Group – Family Physicians of Glen Carbon.
  • Nic Revelt, son of John and Sonia Revelt of Edwardsville, is the guest of Patrick Zimmermann, MD, with Family Medicine Associates in Collinsville. 
  • Anthony Sleiman, son of George and Mireille Sleiman of Peoria, is the guest of Matthew McMillin, MD, with Atrium Family Medicine in Peoria. 
  • Jacob Trammel, son of Jason Trammel of Carbondale and Holly Wright of DeSoto, is the guest of Andrew Yochum, MD, at SIU Center for Family Medicine in Carbondale.