About Us

SIU Medicine and SIU School of Medicine, with support from Memorial Medical Center, bring the best in neurological, neurosurgical and psychiatric care to the residents of central and southern Illinois. At the Neuroscience Institute at SIU, we combine the best providers with the most advanced treatments and latest research.

The Neuroscience Institute at SIU is the only state-approved, academically-based neuroscience institute in central and southern Illinois. By combining the breadth of experience from those within the departments of neurology, neurosurgery and psychiatry, patients receive coordinated care.

Providing the full spectrum of care, from diagnosis to treatment, and follow-up, SIU is focused on improving patient outcomes. This also includes collaboration and support from Memorial Medical Center as well as physicians connected with the Neuroscience Institute from Clinical Radiologists of Central Illinois and Springfield Clinic. Adjacent to Memorial Medical Center, the Neuroscience Institute at SIU gives patients easy access to outpatient services, including imaging, rehabilitation and neurophysiologic testing.