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Mentor of the Year 2017

July 19, 2017

Raed Al-Dallow, MD named Mentor of the Year

First year medical students named Raed Al-Dallow, MD as their Mentor of the Year. Dr. Al-Dallow is a cardiologist in Carbondale.

His nominator wrote that Dr. Al-Dallow “has gone above and beyond as a mentor to both teach clinical skills and set an example of humility and respect in his clinic. He … has helped me stay engaged in clinic and has improved my confidence in my clinical skills. … Dr. Al-Dallow is always kind and courteous, treating each person with the dignity and respect that they deserve regardless of how his day is going or how little sleep he got on call the night before."

Al-Dallow was nominated by the Class of 2020 medical students and selected from 69 physicians who act as mentors to the first-year students. The mentoring experience allows students their first opportunities to have supervised interactions with patients. Students say the mentor experiences help them feel much more prepared to present cases, generate differentials and formulate management plans.

Above: Cris J. Anderson M.D., presented the award on July 18, 2017