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    Executive Office of the Dean and Provost

    The Dean and Provost of the School of Medicine is responsible for the overall development, maintenance and improvement of the institution and its programs.  His responsibilities include relating the School's role and its need to a higher authority and affiliated institutions; providing guidance and counsel to operating units within the School; assuring institutional resources are used efficiently and effectively in support of academic programs, and assuring the School's goals are achieved.

    • Jerry Kruse, MD, MSPH -- Dean and Provost
    • Kathy Cargnino -- Executive Assistant

    Office of Education & Curriculum

    The Office of Education & Curriculum coordinates the delivery of the undergraduate curriculum.  Responsibilities include curriculum resources, evaluation and logistics, student assessment and progress, and curriculum policy implementation and maintenance.
    Faculty and staff in Education & Curriculum (see below) will be able to assist you in the following areas: student progress and academic advisement, curriculum coordination, educational research, Medical Education electives, Year 2 student absences, curriculum development, standardized patients, institutional policies and procedures, performance-based testing, curriculum documents and resources, curriculum evaluation, Year 2 curriculum scheduling, professional development and diagnostic assessment laboratory.

    Medical Library

    Memorial Medical Center’s library is also available. It is located in room 443 of the Memorial Center for Learning and Innovation (MCLI), 228 W. Miller Street. The library has 10 computers that provide access to MMC applications found in the main hospital. Hours are 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Learn more, here. 

    Resource Faculty

    Faculty members facilitate small group instruction and provide patient examination feedback in Doctoring.  Since you will have regular contact with these faculty members, you are encouraged to discuss with them issues and problems regarding the disciplines they represent.

    Debra Klamen, MD, MHPE, Senior Associate Dean for Education & Curriculum
    Crystal Wilson, Office Administrator
    Mary Aiello, MA, Director, Clinical Assessment; Director, Standardized Patient Program
    Andrea Adams
    Jason Arnold, Information Technology Technical Associate
    Matt Collins
    Cheryl Ashburn, RN, MSN, Nurse Educator
    Carolyn Holmes, MSN, RN, Nurse Educator
    Karen Reynolds, RN, MS, Nurse Educator, HII, CRR, NMB and ERG units
    Nancy Pallin
    Leslie Montgomery, RN, MS, Nurse Educator, Doctoring Coordinator
    Kelly Pickrell, RN-BC, MSN, Nurse Educator
    Tina White, RN, MS, Nurse Educator
    Melissa Buchanan, BS, Information Technology Technical Associate
    Cherie Forsyth, Curriculum Registrar
    Chris Reavis, MS, Year 2 Curriculum Coordinator

    Frequently Used Rooms

    801 N. Rutledge (“801 Building”) 

    Second Floor
    2209 Tutor Room A
    2217 Tutor Room B
    2221 Tutor Room C
    2237 Tutor Room D
    2249 Tutor Room E
    2260 Tutor Room F
    2262 Tutor Room G
    2269 Tutor Room H
    2264 Tutor Room I
    2334 Tutor Room J
    2338 Tutor Room K
    2340 Tutor Room L
    2346 West Auditorium – used for large group and other sessions
    2201 Student Business Office
    2266 Clinical Skills Lab
    2281 Medical Student Lounge
    2273 Wesley G. McNeese, MD, Diversity, Multicultural & Minority Affairs
    Third Floor
    3080 Office of Student Affairs
    3060J Student Computer Lab
    3050 Office of Education & Curriculum (OEC)
    3054 OEC conference room
    3064 Professional Development Laboratory (PDL) – used for clinical teaching and assessment

    Other frequently used rooms in the 801 Building:

    2251 South Auditorium
    2063 Harbinger (Dean’s Lobby)
    2190 Lincoln  (Dean’s Lobby)
    2195 Atrium  (Dean’s Lobby)
    2239 Pearson Museum
    3313 Pharmacology Conference Room
    4052 Stevenson Conference Room (Library)
    4051 Dirksen Conference Room (Library)

    327 W. Calhoun

    251 Calhoun Computer Training Center
    250B Prairie Conference Room
    250A Sangamon Conference Room



    • Absences for REQUIRED activities:  (illness, emergencies or late arrivals)
      • Call  217-545-SICK (7425) 
      • Leave a detailed message with your name, the best means to contact you, and what activity you will be missing (tutor group, PDL activity, etc).
    • Absence from a REQUIRED activity:
      •  Complete the online Planned Absence REQUEST Form: https://www.siumed.edu/oec/webform/time-request-form.html
      • After submission of form, your point of contact for the approval of your request will be the Y2 Coordinator, Chris Reavis.  He will coordinate the approval process and notify you of the result.


    Located in the Student Business Office, your mailbox should be checked daily and cleaned out regularly. Mailboxes are considered the private domain of an individual student. Reviewing other people's mail is a breach of professional behavior and may be reported as such.


    Lockers are available for use during Year 2; however, students must provide their own locks and are responsible for clearing them out at the end of Year 2. Lockers are located on the 2nd floor in the southwest corridor. Before choosing a locker, please see Kim Stolba in Student Affairs.

    Year 2 Bulletin Boards:

    Year 2 Curriculum: Located outside the Student Business Office. Only curricular material may be placed on this board.
    General Information Bulletin Board: Located in the Student Lounge for your general use.


    Student computers at 801 N. Rutledge are located in the Student Business Office, Student Lounge, Student Computer Lab and tutor rooms. Computers are also available at SIU’s library and Memorial’s library. Electronic mail should be checked at least daily and your e-mail box should be cleaned out regularly. Electronic mail is the primary communication tool used for the curriculum.


    Students, faculty, and staff must pay to park in SIU lots. The student charge for an annual sticker is $25 ($20 for an additional sticker) which must be paid in cash or by check at the Security Office, Room 1071A. Cars without stickers parked in SIU parking lots will be ticketed, so purchase your sticker as soon as possible.