Our students’ clinical skills and professionalism are evaluated at least weekly by their faculty preceptors.  At the end of the clerkship, the clerkship team meets with each faculty team to review evaluations submitted for each student and to discuss improvements the student has made through the course of the clerkship.  All of this information is compiled by the clerkship office to create the summative evaluations.

At the end of the clerkship, each student will also participate in two standardized patient (SP) cases known as the CCX exam.  20 minutes will be spent with the Standardized Patient and 60 minutes completing the exam in a computerized data base.   Each student is required to provide a justification for each differential diagnosis created during the case; referred to as a Diagnostic Justification (DxJ).  These exams are reviewed and scored by the Nurse Educator based on criteria established by the Clerkship Director. 

To receive honors in the Pediatric Clerkship, students must exceed expectation in two of the three categories; clinical skills, professionalism and CCX exam.