RAVE(MedAlert) Emergency Notification System

SIU School of Medicine provides campus-wide emergency alerts to the Springfield campus community, called RAVE (MedAlert).

The RAVE (MedAlert) system sends emergency alert notifications that may impact SIU School of Medicine operations on the Springfield campus. SIU School of Medicine Springfield campus faculty, staff, students, and residents will automatically receive emergency notifications via their work email address. As an option, they can add personal telephone numbers and email addresses. Notifications are sent by text message, email message, and voice message.

An individual may register up to three email addresses and three telephone numbers to include cell phone, pager, and land line numbers. Alerts provide current emergency information related to the SIU School of Medicine Springfield campus and immediate areas. RAVE (MedAlert) alerts subscribers to an emergency situation and action to be taken. RAVE (MedAlert) also alerts subscribers to severe weather warnings in Springfield and Sangamon County. “ALL CLEAR” notifications are sent after the emergency no longer exists.

SIU School of Medicine uses redundant systems of emergency communication, including telephone, internet, e-mail, radio and person-to-person, to distribute news and instructions during an emergency.

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Last updated Aug. 12, 2022