Safety and Emergency Response

Emergency Contacts

SIU School of Medicine: Springfield
Off-campus: 217-545-7777
On-campus: 5-7777

Local Emergency Services: 911
SIU Medicine Call Center: 217-545-8000
Poison Control: 800-222-1222

Safety & emergency response information for patients and visitors

The health and well-being of our patients and other visitors to the SIU School of Medicine and the SIU Medicine clinics are paramount. Please review this page for important information regarding responses to emergency conditions affecting the medical school campus.

For information about conditions:

  • Contact the SIU School of Medicine: Representatives are available from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday to assist you. To reach the SIU Medicine Call Center, dial 217-545-8000 or 800-342-5748.
  • In the event of a closure, tune into local TV and radio broadcast stations for information on emergency closure of SIU Medicine clinics. 

Safety & emergency response information for students/learners

SIU School of Medicine is committed to providing a safe work place for all faculty and staff employees. In the event a hazardous or emergency event occurs, faculty and staff of the medical school must take immediate action to ensure their safety and welfare.

Click on the following links to access important information regarding emergencies and other hazardous events (these will take you to our employee-only website - the Hive).

Campus Violence Prevention and Reporting

SIU School of Medicine is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for employees, students, medical residents, fellows, patients, and visitors. In this regard, SIU School of Medicine will take measures to provide an environment that is free from violence, threats of violence, harassment, intimidation, and other criminal acts. SIU School of Medicine has established policy and procedures for responding to situations involving threats, harassment or violence on its campus as well as any work-related or education-related area in accordance with all applicable local, state, and federal laws. It is the intent of SIU School of Medicine to establish policy procedures and training to reduce the potential for intimidation or threats, violent acts or life-threatening situations.

Emergency Notification, Reporting & Response

Students, faculty, and staff must be prepared to react to a variety of potential emergencies and disasters. While the response, regardless of incident, will likely involve one of the three activities; evacuation, shelter-in-place, or lockdown), certain events may require unique response activities. This section addresses actions to take in the event of these pre-identified emergencies or disasters. 


Evacuation is initiated whenever it is necessary to move occupants out of a building in order to avoid a dangerous situation. Building evacuations may be necessary in response to a fire, an internal hazardous material release, bomb threat, building damage, or other situation that renders a building dangerous to occupants. 


Shelter-In-Place is initiated to protect campus occupants from dangerous conditions occurring outside their building. It is generally activated in response to tornados and severe weather; however, this may also be an appropriate response for other emergencies such as an external chemical release or a civil disturbance. When activated, building occupants are relocated to shelter areas within a building, such as a basement, internal hallway, or room/area without exterior windows or doors. Emergencies that require Shelter-In-Place will affect the entire campus.


Lockdown is initiated in response to the presence on, or near, campus of an individual, or group of individuals, who are seeking to harm others. During a lockdown, campus occupants conceal themselves as best they can from an intruder by locking/barricading themselves in an office or room, and concealing themselves from detection. Lockdowns may range from one or more buildings, up to the entire campus.

Other Emergencies

  • Criminal Activity - A criminal activity in progress. 
  • Medical Emergencies - An individual experiencing a possible medical emergency.
  • Earthquake - An earthquake is likely to occur with little or no warning.

RAVE(MedAlert) Emergency Notification System

The RAVE(MedAlert) system sends emergency alert notifications that may impact SIU School of Medicine operations. Messages are received through cell phone, e-mail, and/or pager. In order to receive emergency information, students, residents, staff and faculty must register with the RAVE(MedAlert) system.

Annual Emergency Training Requirements (Healthstream) 

Students, faculty and staff of SIU School of Medicine receive both initial and annually recurring refresher training regarding the School’s emergency response procedures and protocols. This training has two overall goals. First, it provides specific information and guidance regarding the procedures individuals are to follow in response to an emergency. This includes response to fires, tornado warnings, active shooter situation, etc. Second, this training provides a general overview of the School’s central emergency management procedures for responding to and recovering from a hazardous incident or emergency event. This includes a discussion of the School’s All-Hazards Emergency Operations Plan (AHEOP) and the roles/responsibilities of the SIU School of Medicine Incident Command Organization (ICO).

Healthstream Training Site

Annual Security Report