The expectation is that students shall attend all course activities.  However, this Committee also recognizes that on occasion students may need to request time off for various activities, including interviews scheduled at the last minute. When this situation arises, the following guidelines shall be used to give direction to the faculty member while still allowing the flexibility to make discretionary decisions on a case-by-case basis, with the overarching intent being that the student shall achieve the full measure of the elective experience.

With the prior approval of the responsible faculty, students may request up to 20% (one day per week for full-time/one-half day for half-time for regular electives; one afternoon per block for extended electives); and make-up and/or additional projects may be assigned to ensure that the student fulfills all course requirements and gains the full experience of the offering.  Time off is at the discretion of the faculty, and the student’s request should allow sufficient advance notice to afford suitable arrangements for the work to be accomplished at an alternate time. It is also at the faculty’s discretion how the time missed shall be made up, and if extra assignments are required to pass the course and receive credit.

It is further recognized that course offering requirements vary dependent upon the content and learning methodology, therefore, faculty are encouraged to ensure the attendance and makeup assignments are adequate to fulfill all objectives of the course in order to receive credit. Additional days above the 20% shall be handled in a similar fashion with additional assignments at the discretion of the faculty.  If the responsible faculty deems that the total time off will detract so significantly from the intended experience, faculty may advise the student to drop the elective course and reschedule it for another time.


Approved by Year Four Curriculum Committee: 5.05.2003