Calista Cahill - Office Support Specialist

Calista Cahill, BA

Office Support Specialist

Department of Population Science and Policy




Primary Responsibilities

My primary responsibility is to provide administrative support, maintain departmental calendars, purchasing of supplies, and other duties as assigned for the operational and administrative needs of the Department of Population Science and Policy. 


I graduated from Eastern Illinois University in 2004 with a Bachelor of Science in Communications with an emphasis on Radio and Television Broadcasting. Following graduation, I continued my job with Barnes and Noble in Springfield, Illinois, as a bookseller, then a Lead Bookseller/Head Cashier, Digital Sales Lead, and acting Community Business Development Manager. I joined SIU School of Medicine in 2018 and am enjoying the challenge of learning new operations and procedures. I am looking forward to assisting the faculty and administrators of the Department of Population Science and Policy to help the residents of central and southern Illinois.