Courses and Electives


Medical students in their first and second year are required to attend particular lectures and didactics. For a list of those offered by the Department of Population Science and Policy, click here.



MPH course requirements during MS4. Electives are also available to all MS4 students.

Electives offered by Population Science and Policy - click here

Electives offered by other departments - click here

Each student is required to complete a total of 15 hours of elective (including the practicum) while on the Springfield campus during MS4. Each SIU SOM elective is worth an equivalent number of credit hours for each week in length. Thus, a 1-week elective is worth 1 credit hour. The following electives are divided into “Required” which each student must take, and “Optional” from which the student may choose to fulfill their 15 total hours. Optional courses may change without notice.


REQUIRED (10 weeks/hours)

  • HED 590 Practicum (6 w/h) - Wiley D. Jenkins, PhD, MPH [WDJ]
  • 15533 Biological (and other WMD) Terrorism Preparedness and Response (1 w/h) - WDJ
  • 15453 Clinical Epidemiology (2 w/h) - WDJ
  • 15543 Emerging Trends in Public Health (1 w/h) - WDJ

OPTIONAL* (5+ hours)

  • 15563 Public Health Leadership (1 w/h) – WDJ
  • 15303 Issues in Minority Health Care (1 w/h) – Cynthia Thomas, MD
  • 15664 Statistics in Medical Research (0.5-1 w/h) – Albert Botchway, PhD, MPH
  • 35584 Law, Religion and American Health Care (0.5 w/h) – Bethany Spielman, JD
  • 35143 Clinical Ethics Consultation (2 w/h) - Christine Gorka
  • 15713/15723 Service Learning Part 1 and Part 2 (2 w/h) – Tracey Smith, DNP (both parts must be taken if you choose to enroll)

* Optional courses may change without notice. Contact Wiley D. Jenkins at or 217-545-8717 with any questions about course availability