Current MD/MPH Students

Student Research

Current MD/MPH students are engaged in several research projects, both in Carbondale and Springfield. For more information on those projects, click here.

Medical students that are not in the MD/MPH track are also involved in research projects with Population Science and Policy faculty. The Department welcomes medical students into their research. For more information on the types of projects we are working on, please see the Science and Policy tabs.


Publications and Presentations

MD/MPH and Medical students have opportunities to showcase their work at various conferences and journals. Click here to see their work.


Potential Opportunities

The Department of Population Science and Policy offers many opportunities for student research. Research topics include children’s research, cancer disparities (focusing on rural), sexually transmitted infections, policy, and other projects of interests.  For more details on opportunities, contact Amanda Fogleman.


Topic Suggestions or more in-depth topics

If you have suggestions for elective topics, or if you have topics you would like to explore more in-depth, please contact Wiley Jenkins.