Current Projects

SIU Family and Community Medicine, Medical-legal partnership: Investigating Medical-legal Partnership As Medical Education          


Students Involved: Emily Samson and Emma James

SIU Mentors: Carolyn Pointer, JD

Emily and Emma, under the direction of Rachel Miller, JD, and Carolyn Pointer, JD, designed and implemented a novel inpatient medical-legal partnership screening process using second year medical students. We are going to investigate the efficacy of the program as a social determinants of health education tool through qualitative analysis with the first cohort. We also plan to create a training curriculum to implement with the second cohort, with whom quantitative investigation is planned.




SIU Office of Population Science and Policy, Toxic Stress Research Team

Student Design Team, “Little Leaps” Neurodevelopment Program          


Students Involved: Emma James, Rae Gumayan, Aliza Hasan

SIU Mentors: Sameer Vohra, MD, JD, MA, Jeanne Koehler, PhD, Anne Scheer, PhD

The student design team created “Brain Development Bags” using Ages and Stages Questionnaire standards to engage guardians in child’s neurodevelopment through play. We also collaborated with childcare providers at the pilot program site to help develop a distribution plan for the intervention.