Senior Research Project Coordinator

Amanda Fogleman, MEng

Senior Research Project Coordinator

Department of Population Science and Policy




Primary Responsibilities

My primary responsibilities include managing the operations of the Human and Community Development and Health System Science divisions in the Department of Population Science and Policy.



While working on my undergraduate degree in Biology (specialization in Genetic Engineering), I worked weekends at Washington University, where I helped to complete the Human Genome Project. Soon after graduation I began working at SIU School of Medicine in 2003. I started out working in some basic science laboratories doing research on Alzheimer’s, then genetic studies on lupus, and mycoplasma testing. Then in 2006, I took a leap into the clinical realm of science and worked for 7 years on cancer and exercise programs. After a brief detour to the University of Alabama at Birmingham, I returned to SIU School of Medicine in 2013. In 2014, I started a master’s program at University of Illinois at Chicago while working full-time. I obtained my Master of Engineering (MEng; specialization in Bioinformatics) in May, 2016.