Year 1 Resource Sessions

*Resource Sessions may change without notice. Contact Carol Coniglio with any questions about resource sessions.


Population Science and Policy: An Introduction to Understanding and Addressing the Health Challenges of Our Communities
This resource session is designed to introduce students to the health challenges of communities in the SIU School of Medicine service region using US health data made available by various government and healthcare organizations. Discussion includes a comparison of health challenges in the US to other countries and the differences between urban and rural communities. Advances in public health systems over the last 100 years will be presented, as well as the challenges of physicians in addressing health issues of their patients.



Introduction to Biostatistics
This resource session introduces students to the techniques needed to properly evaluate diagnostic tests used in clinical practice. Discussion and practice problems will help prepare students for the USMLE Step 1 and 2 exams.



Study Design and Clinical Trials
This resource session will help students understand numerous study designs and the measures associated with each. The session will also explore the different phases of clinical trials and the purpose inherent in each phase.

Introduction to US Health Care Systems and Delivery
This resource session is designed to explore the US health care delivery systems with various payment models, discuss the core functions of public health along with the four domains of chronic disease prevention, and define population health and health equity.