Year 2 Resource Sessions

*Resource Sessions may change without notice. Contact Carol Coniglio with any questions about resource sessions.


PSP in the Real World
This resource session provides an understanding on the importance of population science and policy in the everyday practice of physicians in the United States. Students will discuss a recent health crisis by applying aspects of the three divisions of Population Science and Policy.

Introduction to Statistical Tests
This resource session engages students in discussion of basic statistical tests and outcomes of statistical hypothesis. Specific examples will be given for the discussion.

Complex Ethical Issues and Advance Health Directives
This resource session presents examples of complex ethical issues encountered in medical settings and provides an understanding of the guidelines for advance health directives with examples of where they may be difficult to undertake.



Quantifying Our Risks
This resource session defines quantifying risks and teaches students how to calculate them. Faculty will provide examples for student practice.

Understanding Our Biases
This resource session will help students understand systematic errors and their contributing factors. Students will also discuss how to limit biases through the use of prevention strategies.

Chronic Disease Care and Clinical Informatics
This resource session helps students gain an understanding of health care costs, health outcomes in the United States, and the US health care delivery system and payment models. The session also discusses case-based application of disease prevention and explores health care delivery and public policy solutions.

Patient Safety Culture and Quality Improvement
This resource session provides examples of medical errors and the strategies on how to recognize and avoid them. This session also introduces students to best practices for safe delivery of care and quality improvement in medical settings. Several scenarios are presented for student discussion.



The Opioid Epidemic
This resource session provides information on a public health crisis, providing specific information regarding the opioid epidemic and statistics of opioid misuse. Research conducted by SIU Medicine’s Department of Population Science and Policy regarding the epidemic is also presented.

A Community Based Approach to Harm Reduction in Rural Communities
As a follow-up to the Opioid Epidemic, this session presents how communities can participate in efforts to develop interventions and sustainable solutions to reduce harm in their community.



Rural Healthcare Delivery
This resource session explores the various definitions of “rural” and healthcare delivery between rural and urban settings, focusing on the health disparities experienced by rural populations.

Physician Leadership
This resource session presents inter-professional practices and the role of a physician on a collaborative team providing health care.

STEP 1 Review
This resource session reviews, with examples, major topics that are tested on the USMLE Step 1 exam.