Scott Schonewolf, DO

Assistant Professor, Director of SIU Sports Medicine Fellowship - Carbondale
Family and Community Medicine

    About me



    Education & training

    Board Certifications
    Family Medicine
    Sports Medicine
    Medical School
    Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Philadelphia, PA
    Harrisburg Family Practice Residency Pinnacle Health System, Harrisburg, PA
    Utah Valley Sports Medicine Fellowship Provo, UT


    Research Interests
    Sports Medicine


    Case Poster Presentation at AMSSM National Conference April 2005; 

    Case presentation at ACSM national conference June 2005; Autologous Blood Injections vs. Prolo Therapy in Chronic;

    Tendinopathies- currently working on in Fellowship;

    Healthy Living for African Americans- Presented to the underwserved population of West Philadelphia.  Lectures included prevention of HTN and DM through exercise and nutrition. 

    Presented at Bridging the Gaps 1998 Poster Summary Symposium; Wetlands development and destruction with Dr. Ken Klemow at Wilkes University;

    Resident Lectures 1) Osteoporosis and Hip Fractures in the Elderly, 2) A-fib Diagnosis and workup, 3) Knee exam and Knee injuries, 4) Newborn Exam, 5) Low back pain and lumbar tenosis 6) Common childhood orthopedic injuries;

    BYU student trainer lectures 1) Low back pain and SI joint dysfunction 2) Ocular injuries 3) Cardiovascular disorders in athletes 4) GI and GU disorders in athletes.;

    IHC Physician Panelist for 2005 Cardiovascular Symposium