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MD Program

Pursuing a medical degree at SIU School of Medicine will be challenging and rewarding. You will be immersed in clinical encounters, research and community service opportunities throughout your training.  

SIU is renowned for our education innovations and attention to clinical skills, professional behavior and evaluation. You will learn the science and art of medicine using the latest and most effective methods. You’ll also practice teamwork with the multitude of faculty, staff and other learners on our campuses.

SIU School of Medicine offers a 4-year MD program for Illinois residents only. The educational curriculum begins with a foundational year at our flagship campus in Carbondale and the remaining three years in Springfield. SIU Medicine’s outpatient clinics, as well as our partnerships with local hospitals in Springfield and the surrounding communities, provide us with a well-rounded, diverse population. Their health care needs reflect society.

The first two years of the medical curriculum are clinical case-based and small group-oriented, with the basic sciences integrated into discipline modules. Instruction includes self-directed learning, lectures and the use of simulated patients. Clinical mentoring also begins in the first year. 

The third year consists of clinical rotations in the key specialty areas — internal medicine, surgery, family medicine, psychiatry, pediatrics, OBGYN — and four weeks of electives (emergency medicine, radiology, anesthesiology, etc.).  During the fourth year, you have a required neurology clerkship and progress through elective courses designed to further prepare for your medical career.

A doctoring curriculum that integrates medical treatment aspects and medical humanities is administered throughout the four years. There are 80 students per class, for a student-faculty ratio of 1:1.

Preliminary Review. Applications are accepted through the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) from June through November 15 for the following academic year. Applicants must be U.S. citizens or possess a permanent resident visa. For the MD program, an applicant must also be an Illinois resident. Academically, an applicant must possess a minimum cumulative undergraduate GPA and science GPA of 2.8/4.0. The last 60 hours of academic work will also be considered and recent coursework is expected.

The MCAT must be taken within two years prior to applying. MCAT scores from 2019 are the oldest scores considered for the 2022 application cycle. A minimum score of 498 on the most recent exam is required. The application is then screened for positive factors including superior academics, extracurricular activities and volunteer experiences/employment, geographic area of residence, and disadvantaged status. 

Secondary Review. Selected applicants are sent a supplementary application and are asked to provide four letters of recommendation or a single pre-med committee letter. Supplemental materials must be received by the Admissions Office no later than February 1. 

Interviews. After a file is complete, applicants are interviewed by an admissions committee member (open) and a faculty member (partially-open).  Interviewing typically goes until the end of February. The admissions committee, consisting of clinical and science faculty, then reviews the file
for a final decision. 

Decisions. Acceptances are offered in three batches — December, February and March — and individually from the waiting list thereafter.  Accepted applicants may ask for deferred matriculation prior to July 1.The MD program at SIU School of Medicine is conducted at the medical education facilities in both Carbondale and Springfield. The split campus allows the School to maximize the existing resources of a major university and the long-established clinical facilities in Springfield - Memorial Medical Center and St. John's Hospital. The two campuses also serve to reaffirm the School's commitment to providing academic support to practicing physicians in central and southern Illinois.

MD - JD Program

In cooperation with the SIU School of Law, the School of Medicine offers a special six-year program leading to the concurrent award of degrees in law and medicine. Students will be admitted separately to each of these schools. Interested persons should contact the Office of Admissions for information. Program overview.

MD - MPH Program

The MD/MPH program is a joint program of SIU School of Medicine and the SIU Carbondale College of Education and Human Services. At the end of this five-year MD/MPH Program, students will receive a doctor of medicine degree and a master's degree of public health. The program takes place on both the SIU Carbondale and Springfield campuses. Students will first study a public health curriculum for three semesters in the Department of Health Education and Recreation at SIU Carbondale. Following the year of public health training, students will remain in Carbondale during the second year of the program, when they will begin their medical school training. The remaining three years will continue the medical curriculum in Springfield, with the fifth and final year of the program being a combined MD/MPH year.

*NOTE* This program is ONLY offered to students once they have been offered an acceptance and before they matriculate into the MD program.


The School of Medicine sponsors the Medical/Dental Education Preparatory Program (MEDPREP),a certificate-granting post-baccalaureate program on the Carbondale campus. It operates year-round beginning in June and has its own teaching faculty who offer special tutorials, seminars and classes to enrolled students. MEDPREP students also enroll in regular preprofessional courses offered on the Carbondale campus and receive extensive tutorial assistance under the program's supervision. The curriculum includes review courses in the sciences to help students prepare for the MCAT and basic skill classes to improve communication, testmanship and study skills as well as advanced enrichment courses in biology. Some students accepted for the program are given individualized attention, extensive tutorial support, assistance in preparing for the MCAT and guidance in making applications to medical schools. Undergraduate students are eligible. All students must meet the regular university standards for admission and retention in addition to MEDPREP standards. There is no guarantee of acceptance to this school of medicine or to any other medical school.

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