Your interview day will take place in Springfield, Illinois. The day begins at 8:15 am with a welcome and presentation by a representative from the Admissions Committee. Interviews begin as early as 9 am and will conclude no later than 4 pm. Between 11 am and 1 pm, the opportunity exists to speak to a financial aid officer, tour the medical instructional facility and meet with current students. Please note that it is possible for there to be idle time between interviews. We will do our best to minimize this, but there are times that it is unavoidable.

More details about your interview day will come in a confirmation email. If you have any questions concerning the scheduling of your interviews, call our office at 217.545.6013, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4:30 pm.

Possible interview dates: Please submit four WEEKDAY choices that during the week noted in your invitation email.

Would you like to attend a financial information session?
I will be driving to the SIU Medicine campus in Springfield, or I will have a vehicle available to me during my interview day.