Entering Class of 2018

This application supplements the uniform application form, which we have received from AMCAS. It is regarded as confidential information for the Admissions Committee at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine.


  1. Upon submission of this form you will be redirected to a signature form. A printed copy of the signature form and the $75 application fee must be sent to Admissions. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOUR APPLICATION WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED COMPLETE UNTIL WE HAVE RECEIVED THE SIGNATURE FORM AND THE $75 APPLICATION FEE. A fee waiver can be requested by those who have qualified for an AMCAS fee waiver.
  2. To complete your application, we require FOUR (4) letters of recommendation, three of which should be from academic sources, or a single recommendation from your preprofessional committee. In addition, if you are currently enrolled in an advanced degree-granting program, a recommendation from your primary graduate program advisor is required. Letters from political sources are not recommended. Letters should be submitted via the AMCAS Letters of Evaluation service. FILE COMPLETION DEADLINE - FEBRUARY 1, 2018 RECEIPT DATE. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE GRANTED REGARDLESS OF THE CIRCUMSTANCES.
  3. Although not required, a photograph or snapshot sent with the signature form would be appreciated.
  4. You will receive an email with a copy of the information you submitted in this form.
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