Orthopedic Surgery Presents 2020 Faculty Investigator Award - Dr. Thuppal

Published Date:

Congratulations, Sowmyanarayanan Thuppal, Ph.D., MD!

Dr. Thuppal was presented with the 2020 Faculty Investigator Award from the Division of Orthopedic Surgery. This inaugural award acknowledges research efforts of SIU Department of Surgery faculty and their support of the Division. It is awarded to those that display exemplary mentorship of residents/medical students in research.

Dr. Thuppal is a Research Assistant Professor at the Department of Surgery and is faculty at the Center for Clinical Research, SIU School of Medicine. He has 15 years of clinical research experience both in resource limited and resource sufficient settings. He has experience working with investigator initiated studies and industry sponsored clinical trials. Dr. Thuppal has worked in different research positions for hospital and community-based research projects. His research interests include study design and research methodology, patient-centered outcomes research, comparative effectiveness studies, cost evaluation and public health.

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