One Minute Preceptor Online Workshop

This Five Microskills / One Minute Preceptor Online Faculty Development Workshop is a five-step model of clinical teaching that utilizes simple, discrete teaching behaviors or "microskills."


By the end of this online workshop, you will be able to:

  1. List the 5 Microskills in the One Minute Preceptor Model for One on One teaching

  2. Explain how each step enhances student learning

  3. Apply the 5 Microskills to a scenario you might encounter while teaching in your practice


  1. Read "A Five-Step ‘Microskills’ Model of Clinical Teaching”.

  2. Review the summary document.

  3. Complete the Scenarios exercises.

  4. Click send to submit your scenarios for review.

Optional Activity:

  1. Submit your own learner scenario for others to respond to.

  2. Provide feedback on this faculty development module.

The Five Microskills

  1. Get a Commitment

  2. Probe for Supporting Evidence

  3. Teach General Principles

  4. Reinforce What Was Done Right

  5. Correct Errors

Cut out and place in your badge holder for quick reference.