The Academy for Scholarship in Education welcomes you to SUCCEED, an individualized, evidence-based, and flexible program

SUCCEED connects faculty with learning resources (i.e., formal programs and courses, professional memberships, experiences, inquiry projects, materials, mentors, and online learning environments).

SUCCEED aligns with the promotion and tenure process so faculty members are supported as they begin or continue the process of becoming outstanding teachers and scholars.

Faculty develop individualized professional action plans

  • Identify learning opportunities
  • Identify goals, action items, and outcomes,
  • Propose timelines focused on their practice, their teaching, their scholarship, and their service.
  • Accumulate SUCCEED and CME credit



Jeanne Koehler, PhD,

Director of the Academy for Scholarship in Education



Special Thanks:   A special thanks to SIU SOM faculty and leaders who met with me and provided ideas, insights, and feedback on the development of this program (alphabetical listing): Dr. Janet Albers, Dr. Douglas Carlson, Dr. Anna Cianciolo, Dr. Kevin Dorsey, Dr. Wendi El-Amin, Dr. Dr. John Flack, Dr. Heeyoung Han, Dr. Susan Hingle, Dr. Debra Klamen, Dr. Timothy Koschman, Dr. John Mellinger, Dr. Donald Torry, Dr. Linda Toth, and Dr. Steve Verhaulst.