Alireza Showraki, MD

Resident Physician

    About me



    Education & training

    Medical School
    Shiraz University of Medical Sciences
    Resident Program
    Resident Graduation Year
    Shiraz, Iran
    Chess, Poker, Tennis, Table Tennis, YouTube, Forex.
    Interests: Epilepsy, Neuro-immunology, Neuro-oncology, General Neurology.
    Why they chose SIU

    By the time you are reading my masterpiece you probably know a lot about SIU and the unique opportunities it offers. In one word it is a “gem” in the Midwest providing a unique experience for your training. I think I should start by talking about some other important facts that might easily go missing. I came to Springfield, IL from Toronto, Canada where the winters are so frigid that you can basically get heat from your fridge. But here in Springfield, you will enjoy a much milder winter. No worries about a too hot or too cold environment. Moreover, you do not need to worry about traffic at all over here. No headaches for your daily commute from work to home and vice versa. And finally, affordable housing is a big plus at Springfield. What gets you a room in Toronto or New York will get you a mansion here. If you are looking for a financially wise option Springfield will be your friend. All these advantages along with a unique clinical experience create a luxurious situation not easily found anywhere else. The Neurology program at SIU offers great exposure to various neurological conditions through its outpatient and inpatient services. Given its academic setting, lots of research opportunities are at your fingertips. All in all, there is something to suit every taste. See you soon!