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Enhancing cancer patients’ health outcomes with telehealth

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Telehealth, also known as telemedicine, can be a valuable tool for cancer patients to access medical care remotely. It can be particularly beneficial for cancer patients undergoing treatment, as they may have compromised immune systems and be at higher risk for infection if they visit a health care facility in person.


There are several ways in which telehealth can support cancer patients.

  1. Consultations with health care providers: Telehealth can allow cancer patients to have virtual consultations with their oncologists, primary care providers, and other health care team members. This can help monitor treatment progress, manage side effects and address patient concerns.
  2. Supportive care services: Telehealth can provide cancer patients with access to supportive care services, such as nutrition counseling, physical therapy and mental health support, remotely.
  3. Education and resources: Telehealth can provide cancer patients with educational materials and resources to help them better understand their diagnosis and treatment.

SIU Medicine offers telehealth that can be a valuable tool for cancer patients to access medical care and support remotely. If you are a cancer patient and are interested in exploring telehealth options, it is essential to speak with your healthcare provider to determine if it is a suitable option for you. Schedule a virtual visit with your existing SIU Medicine provider today, call 217-545-8000 or 800-342-5748, or request one online.


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