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Signature Elements of the SIU Medicine Brand

6 Elements that define the SIU Medicine brand:

1.    FORWARD. FOR YOU. tagline in bold type.
  • Authoritative in meaning and use of bold weight.
  • Balances personable tone with credibility and innovation.
2.    Hexagon with forward arrow icon
  • Science and forward movement combined.
  • Tri-part mission: research, education, and patient care.
3.    SIU ligature
  • Notches relate to icon.
  • Manifold font mimics rounded corners of icon.
4.    Black and white photography
  • Candid and warm lifestyle imagery.
  • Modern and distinct.
5.    Purple color palette
  • Conveys a wide range of characteristics: modernity, technology, etc.
  • Pops against black and white photos.
  • Ownable in the region.
6.    Hexagon organizing system
  • Builds directly from icon for consistency.
  • Creates distinctive memory structure.