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Our mission is to offer service, education and research, and is accomplished through individual commitment to service and teamwork.  The Institute for Plastic Surgery offers some of the finest facilities and most highly qualified staff in the nation. It is committed to achieving the highest standard of excellence in all areas of reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.  Reconstructive plastic surgery strives to restore appearance and function for patients with defects resulting from trauma, infection, tumors, burns, birth defects or disease.  Cosmetic or aesthetic plastic surgery attempts to improve the patient's appearance.

Created in 1973, the Institute has grown to include an outstanding team of physicians, a thriving residency and fellowship program, an excellent hand surgery and therapy center, and attractive facilities.  The Institute is known nationally and internationally for its work in many areas including microsurgery, hand surgery and therapy, reconstructive surgery, aesthetic surgery, and specialized care in the treatment of burns and problem wounds.

The professional staff offers hand and upper extremity rehabilitation, back-to-work programs, cosmetic counseling, laser surgery and skin care programs. We strive to provide our patients caring and high quality service in a convenient and modern setting.

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Michael Neumeister, MD

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Woman in under garments walking down a model runway while spectators watch
Spotlight on breast reconstruction awareness

BRA Day 2019 show at Danenberger

Each year, SIU Medicine shines a spotlight on Breast Reconstruction Awareness in an effort to educate patients about their reconstruction options and raise funds for local cancer research.

Look back at how Medicine celebrated and educated a crowd at the2019“Angels Among UsFashion Show” at Danenberger Family Vineyards. Fifteen patient models, in different stages of their breast cancer journey, walked the runway in styles by AnaOno and Eye Candy, Springfield.

Drs. Nicole Sommer & Michael Neumeister spoke to the crowd about breast reconstruction and women's options after a breast cancer diagnosis. SIU Medicineteamed up with American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) & Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day to make sure women know their reconstruction options.

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BRA Day event

SIU Medicine to address breast cancer disparities at CAP 1908

SIU Medicine is hosting an event to educate women, especially those in the Black community, about early detection, breast cancer screenings, advocating for care, supporting others who have breast cancer and options for breast reconstruction after breast cancer surgery.
Surgery Resident Research Day 2023 winners

Department of Surgery residents present diverse research projects

The Department of Surgery was honored to welcome Ahmed Ghazi, MD as visiting professor for the 20th Annual Resident Research Day on Thursday, April 27. Dr. Ghazi is an Assistant Professor of Urology
Dr. Daugherty flexes the banked hand

Innovative technique saves man's hand

After a farming accident, reconstructive surgeon Tim Daugherty saved a man's hand through "ectopic banking," a first in the Midwest.