Applicant Status for Civil Service Vacancies: Frequently Asked Questions

Applicant Status

How long will my name remain on the active employment register?

In general, your score will remain active on the register as long as: 1) you respond to any contacts made by Human Resources or a hiring department representative to determine your continued interest or to schedule an interview by the deadline given, 2) there are no changes made to the examination or the minimum qualifications by the State Universities Civil Service System, and 3) you keep Human Resources informed of your current contact information via the application Update form.

I received a letter in the mail saying that my name was removed from the register. Can I be reinstated?

If you are removed from the employment register due to failure to respond to an interviewing notice or letter of interest, you may request in writing to be reinstated to the register within one year of the removal date. The request should be sent directly to the Office of Human Resources at: P.O. Box 19601, Springfield, IL 62794-9601.

I am on the register. Do I need to reapply when there is another opening in the same classification?

There are two ways to apply for a vacancy if your name is already on the register for a classification. 1) You can apply for an opening by clicking the “Apply to Job” button on the “Job Details” page of a specific vacancy when searching current openings at This will attach your name and application materials to that vacancy; or 2) once your name is active on the employment register and there is a new vacancy with the same title, an email will be sent to you to inquire of your interest for that particular vacancy. If you respond and indicate your interest, your name and application materials will be attached to that vacancy for consideration. If your score on the register is reached, your name will be referred to the employing department for an interview. The employing department is eligible to receive three candidates.

I have taken a job elsewhere and am no longer interested in employment with the School of Medicine. Whom should I contact?

If you are no longer interested in employment opportunities at the School of Medicine, contact the Office of Human Resources at or 545-1477 and ask to be removed from the active employment register. You can request reinstatement to the register, in writing, up to one year after the removal date, provided that the qualifications and/or exam have not changed.