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Recent Harbinger of Goodwill Recipients

February 11, 2019

Congratulations to Kathy Semon, Carol Papps and Ron Bowman for receiving the Harbinger of Goodwill Award!

Kathy Semon, Cancer Institute, “An elderly patient who until his recent surgery still worked and was healthy was not recovering from surgery well.  She went above and beyond by scheduling and finding a pharmacy to deliver medications to him, contacted a service to go to his home to help with his daily living needs, arranged infusions for hydration, and called his family who lives out of state.”

Carol Pappas, Surgery, “frequently adjusts her style of communication to accommodate our hearing and cognition impaired patients. She is always trying to come up with ways to make things easier on the patients. She has wonderful, constant communication with providers and other staff.”

Ron Bowman, Telehealth.  “On one of the extreme cold weather days, the Civil Service Council decided to hold a subcommittee meeting remotely. With less than 30 minutes notice, Ron set us up with Pexid. He is always pleasant, knowledgeable and willing to assist.”